What is offsite construction technology? 

Offsite construction technology utilizes the principles of design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) to build high-end building components in an advanced factory setting with great speed and a high degree of finish. 

Components often include finished rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, walls, roofs, and other elements.

Homes built using offsite construction technology adhere to the same building codes and standards as an on-site construction home, also known as a stick-built home. The completed components of the house are then transported to your property and assembled on a permanent foundation.

An offsite constructed home, while similar to a traditional home in many aspects, is more sustainable, has a better quality finish, and is faster to build.  

Building codes

Homes built using offsite construction technology follow HUD standards, but are also built to local and state-specific building codes similar to homes built on-site. This means homes built using offsite construction technology also conform to state and region-specific safety, climate, material and design regulations. For example: 

  • Florida homes are made to Florida’s wind resistance and hurricane proofing codes, along with other Florida Housing Standards.
  • California homes are built with environmentally compliant materials and HCD standards for health and safety.
  • South Carolina follows the SC Energy Standards Bill 2863.


Homes built using offsite construction technology are transported on a truck bed and assembled on a concrete foundation like a traditional house built on site. This makes the homes sturdier and improves their real estate value.


You have the option to change both internal and external finishes and customize your home to suit your lifestyle. Homes built using offsite construction technology gives you a lot more creative freedom in your home design.


Buildings using offsite construction technology have such high quality and standards that well-known brands like Marriot and McDonalds use offsite construction technology to build new locations. Homes built using offsite construction technology are higher quality and time-efficient alternatives to on-site construction. 

Homes built using offsite construction technology are superior in quality.

If your home is a long-term investment, we recommend contacting a real estate agent or developer that focuses on offsite construction instead of traditional stick homes. Homes built using offsite construction technology are a high-quality and energy-efficient alternative to conventional on-site construction.

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