Is a new development the right choice for you?

Here are some of the pros of buying a newly constructed home.

Pros of newly constructed homes

Newly constructed homes have unique benefits and long-term savings built into them. Here are a few of our favorites.

Personalize and customize

With a newly constructed home, you have a blank canvas to design and personalize your home. You do not need to tear down, update, or remodel anything because it matches your vision and style from the start.

The home developer takes care of all the blueprints, building codes, and other headaches while you focus on doing the interiors of your perfect home.

No need to update

Older pre-owned homes often need to be updated or renovated to fit the area’s current building and safety guidelines. Otherwise, the building will not pass inspections. Outdated and time-worn parts of the structure could also lead to a much lower appraisal price!

Older homes were also built under less stringent health codes. For example, a house built before the 1990s has a much higher risk of containing formaldehyde or asbestos-based insulation. And there is a risk those painted walls and trim have lead paint!

New homes do not have these problems because the homes are already built with the latest national, state, and local building codes, including weather safety, health codes, and HOA guidelines.

Less maintenance

Everything breaks down with time, so older homes tend to need more care and maintenance. 

With a newly constructed home, everything is brand new! There are no mold, vermin, and termite damaged support beams. No faulty roof tiles. No outdated windows. No rusted pipes and leaky faucets. No weak foundations. No defective wiring, dead outlets, or bad breakers.

This translates into years of low hassle and maintenance for your home—no need to fear sudden emergencies, constant fixes, or the dreaded wait for the repairman. On top of that, energy-efficient materials will help you save on your utility bills! 

Home builder’s warranty

New homes come with a warranty! The Builder will offer at least one year warranty on repairs and replacements of defects related to their construction, such as structural damage and faulty wiring.

Each state has a minimum standard that builders are required to uphold.

Home builder financing incentives

Builders often offer various incentives to stand out from their competition, such as security upgrades, vacation trips, feature packages, or discount on closing cost.

Pros of newly constructed offsite manufactured homes

Mature landscaping and better air quality

It takes time for a yard to recover from the trauma of traditional construction - boots, heavy machinery, and other factors. New gardens and trees also need time to flourish. Homes built using offsite construction technology help reduce the yard trauma faced in traditional construction because all building activities are done offsite. 

Everything comes pre-built from the factory; the construction of your new home does not affect the site environment or current landscaping. In addition, the air and atmosphere of your new home are protected from all construction and building-related waste and pollutants.

Stay protected from off-gassing

Off-Gassing is when volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) are released into the air as a vapor. This is inevitable in new construction like wood, insulation, rubber, paints, glue, fibers, and more are constructed and assembled. Unfortunately, many of these gasses can be harmful or toxic in large doses.  

It’s essential to allow for adequate ventilation after construction, preferably with an air purifier. If you can afford to, let the home air out for at least a week before moving. 

Builders utilizing offsite construction technology air out the home for you at their factory before the panels are assembled on site. You can safely move in the same day the work is complete! New homes have far less effect on your environment than a traditional stick-built home.

On-time delivery  

Newly constructed homes traditionally face several delays. For example, stick homes built onsite face weather challenges that can delay construction for months.

Homes built using offsite construction technology are factory built in a controlled environment, ensuring that your homes are always delivered on time. This helps avoid costly delays, inspection issues, and lost time during new-home construction.

Lifetime value of a new home

New homes appear more expensive than pre-owned homes, at least on paper.

What buyers do not always consider is the costs after the sale. For example, a pre-owned home could have various structural, plumbing, and electrical issues. In some cases, that fixer-upper will end up costing more than a new home to update and repair!

This does not mean you cannot get a competitive price on a newly constructed home. If you choose an offsite constructed home, then you save on the final bill by default. An offsite constructed home will save you 15% or more in upgrades, maintenance costs, repairs, plus the energy efficiency built-in all work together to save you money over the lifetime ownership of your home. 

Homes built using offsite construction technology are the best new construction homes

Offsite constructed homes have all the good points listed above, and offset most of the challenges that come with buying a newly constructed home.

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