The last thing you want is a home that isn’t ready for hurricane season. Traditionally, construction can lead to costly time and weather delays. If you try to speed things up with a mobile home, they might not be built for Florida’s hurricane conditions. If you want a hurricane-proof home without uncertainties, you should find a homebuilder specializing in building homes using offsite construction technology with impact-proof finishes.

What is an offsite constructed home? And why are they a better choice than traditional construction homes? We go over these questions and more below!

What is an offsite constructed home?

An offsite constructed home is built using factory manufactured components and then delivered onsite to be assembled. 

Whole sections of homes are constructed at the factory and delivered to the site. They fit together like a puzzle, then sealed together. Because everything is manufactured and fitted in the factory before it arrives, it drastically reduces time and has a better build quality. 

They include all the major interior fixtures like:

  • Electric Wiring
  • Plumbing
  • Doors
  • Closets
  • Stairs
  • Counters
  • Built-in Kitchen Shelving

They cost similar to traditionally built stick homes, but they are completed 50% faster, have better build quality, and come with fully finished interiors.

Are offsite constructed home and mobile homes similar? 

An offsite constructed home is NOT a mobile home, despite some similarities. They differ from mobile homes in three significant ways:

  • Offsite constructed homes are given a sturdy concrete foundation like a traditional stick-built home. Mobile homes usually rest on steel beams and concrete blocks 
  • Offsite constructed homes are built to the same building codes and standards as traditional stick-built homes. A mobile home may not be built to Florida’s hurricane-proof standards, especially if they are bought and transported from another state.
  • Homes built using offsite construction technology are considered real estate. Mobile homes are considered personal property and tend to lose value over time. 

Are offsite constructed homes hurricane proof?


Offsite constructed homes are built to the same building codes and state regulations as a site-built home. This means the home in Florida must meet the hurricane-resistance requirements set by the Florida Building Code.

Unlike manufactured homes, offsite constructed homes also have a solid concrete foundation instead of blocks and steel beams. This lends extra stability and security to the structure. 

The Onx Homes hurricane proof advantage

Onx Homes offsite constructed homes are built to meet the hurricane-resistance requirements set by the Florida Building Code and offer additional upgrades at no extra cost.

Impact proof doors and windows

All windows and doors installed in an Onx Home are hurricane-certified, preparing your home to withstand bad weather.

Complete concrete construction 

Built from concrete, Onx Homes brings you all the unique advantages of concrete construction. Every home is mold-resistant, constructed not to shrink, twist, or crack, has minimal exterior maintenance, and is capable of withstanding the humid hurricanes of southern Florida. 

Onx Homes is bringing affordable hurricane-proof homes to Florida. Looking for a home in Miami-Dade, contact our community specialist to help find the right home for you.