Disrupt Your Day to Innovate the World – Watch 3 Businesses Confront Pressing Global Issues

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Outlet: Acumen Media

Published on Mar 15, 2024

15th March 2024 – LONDON – This month’s Innovators & Disruptors Leaders series on CBS News features 3 exclusive videos about businesses that are utilising their innovative approaches to solve real-world problems. The companies included in this month’s edition are: Elsewedy ElectricONX Homes and Star.

Acumen Media is proud to document 3 businesses who are unafraid to confront some of the world’s most critical challenges, including the ability to see the bigger picture, the global energy crisis and the US’ housing shortage. These pioneering videos reveal the cutting-edge solutions that these corporations provide to pressing global problems and are featured on Acumen Stories and the Acumen Stories Youtube channel.

Elsewedy Electric’s film demonstrates how the company, established in 1938 in Cairo, does not merely offer energy services to customers but energises the economy and the entire business landscape through their sustainable approach to power generation. From humble beginnings to global reach, Elsewedy Electric now power many people’s lives on an international scale through their electrical products, engineering and construction. By fostering diversity, the company not only powers people’s lives but also empowers future generations.

Meanwhile, ONX Homes addresses the shortage of homes in the US housing market, recognising the significance of providing affordable, quality, and sustainable housing. Since the turn of the century, ‘crisis’ and ‘housing market’ have become virtually synonymous. Yet, the company’s vision of creating dream homes within a 30-day timeframe can fracture this fusion between the two words.

Star opens businesses up to the bigger picture, utilising cutting-edge technology and external expertise to develop effective end games for their clients. Virtualizing the world whilst respecting that technology is an enabler rather than a purpose in and of itself is at the heart of Star’s vision. The company makes macro environments visible whilst advocating for a workforce constituted by empathetic challengers. Illuminating the bigger picture in a world over-saturated and obsessed with smaller pieces of information, Star innovates corporate operations by helping businesses achieve their end goals.

All three businesses featured on the series place equal importance on a healthy company culture and a sustainable, progressive future. Why let these trailblazing videos disrupt your day? We hope that by taking a look at these forward-thinking solutions, they will innovate your life and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leaders.