Onx Homes on Track to Build 700 Homes in 2024 Leveraging its X+ Construction Tech System and New Facility

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Published on Mar 18, 2024

MIAMI – March 18, 2024 – Onx Homes, a homebuilder pioneering a new era of construction and design, today announced it is on track to build 700 homes in 2024. The home builder has doubled the number of homes yearly since its 2021 founding by leveraging its X+ Construction Technology and the capabilities of its first fully advanced factory in Pompano Beach, Fla.

“With the ability to deliver up to four homes daily, the X+ factory allows us to redefine homebuilding and make a real impact on housing shortages,” said Ravi Bhat, chief operating officer of Onx Homes. “Our building approach, of which the factory is a critical component, is responsive to climate needs, improves quality control, reduces waste, and sharply cuts the construction timeline to where we can provide 700 new homes this year.”

While the rise of concrete 3D printing for homes, modular homes and panelized construction have helped forward-thinking innovators improve quality control and reduce waste in building, the ability to scale up production to make a significant impact on rising housing scarcity while driving down costs for homeowners has remained elusive.

But Onx Homes has seized on this spirit of industry innovation by developing X+ Construction, its proprietary design and build system, which solves the scalability problem, reducing the time it takes to build a single-family home from seven to nine months to thirty days.

Building homes that can withstand the impact of natural disasters, including hurricanes and wildfires, has also become an Onx focus. “We need homes that are not only environmentally sustainable but also capable of withstanding natural disasters,” said Bhat. “Concrete homes are the best way forward and with advancements in green and carbon-neutral materials we’ll join the next generation of builders making homes that are both sustainable and can withstand climate change.”

With costs for building concrete homes significantly higher than those for wooden houses, it is the efficiencies enabled by Onx’s X+ Technology that make this an affordable option for homeowners.

Onx has also invested in research and development to create green concrete while supporting a global net zero by 2030 and ensuring every Onx home is made with low-carbon concrete, more resilient, and more sustainable.

“Sustainability and resilience are two sides of a coin, both critical to a new home,” said Bhat. “We are excited to be on track to build these 1000 homes this year and in transforming the new home building industry while doing so.”

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About Onx Homes

Onx Homes is pioneering a new era of homes and neighbourhoods. Founded in 2021 by construction experts, design thinkers and technology leaders, it is committed to providing homeowners with the next generation of living spaces. With corporate and manufacturing facilities in Texas and Florida, Onx specialises in merging high-end design and leading technology to deliver the highest quality single-family homes and townhome communities. Leveraging its customer-centric approach and its fully integrated construction capabilities, including innovative proprietary design and X⁺ Construction™ technology, Onx can build a signature home in under 30 days, outpacing the industry average of six to nine months, creating unique value for homeowners while scaling up through thoughtfully designed community developments. Onx has already delivered a diverse portfolio of homes and has over 5,000 beautiful, sustainable, and resilient homes under development across Florida and Texas.

For more information, visit www.onxhomes.com.